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Kathleen Joynes



I've been a designer since I began sewing my own clothes at age 12.


I graduated from Cal Poly in Graphic Design and FIDM in Fashion Design. I've got over 30 years of award-winning experience, having worked for Adobe, Apple, Gap, Levis, Gymboree, Pottery Barn,

among others.


My skills range from graphics (logos, ads, books and magazines, infographics) to fashion (textile prints, product development, sketching, patternmaking, technical design, sewing). And I have taught all of these at FIDM, Art Institute, and CSMA (kids and adults).


I currently freelance for a variety of clients, in addition to my teaching. But my favorite work of all is creating textile print repeats, perhaps foretold when that same 12-yr-old girl used to stare at the wallpaper in her bedroom until it's patterns danced.




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